A Brew With鈥.!

Welcome to our new feature. Each month, we catch up with an 蚂蚁福利导航 Family colleague to find out more about them and their career.

Simply click on the downloads below to read more about our 蚂蚁福利导航 Family colleagues.

Lee Wilson

To kick things off, we took a coffee break with Lee Wilson, our Deputy CEO.

Katy Bradford

Next up, we have a green tea with Katy Bradford, our Deputy CEO.

David Edward Siddon

This time, we have a cup of tea with David Edward Siddon, our Senior Science Technician from 蚂蚁福利导航 Academy Hasland Hall.

Rob Pierce

This month, we catch up with our Graphic Designer, Rob Pierce.

Gabe West

This month, we speak up with Gabe West, our IT Technician at 蚂蚁福利导航 Academy Freeston!